Hello , My Name Is Titan!

2015-11-10, my name is Titan. My life has been quite the adventure! It’s been 15 or 20 years since I was born (2-3 human years) and I don’t remember too much from back then. The last thing I remember is angry dogs… a lot of angry dogs. They always wanted to fight me and, unfortunately, their humans encouraged that sort of behavior. I could never fight though; I’m a lover at heart. Put on a good movie and let’s curl up on the couch… now that’s a great night!


The guy that would try to get me to fight eventually gave up on me. He tried to put me in an abandoned house and when he walked away I tried to follow him. I love humans. He put me back in the house and blocked me in. This was very near the end of my story.

As luck would have it, a lady across the street saw the guy dump me in the abandoned house and she called PROUD Detroit. A very nice lady from PROUD came and pet me! Even though it was Detroit in the middle of the night and she was pregnant, she stayed watching over me all night. The next morning more people from PROUD came and took me to the hospital. I was too sick to walk and they had to carry me, luckily for them I was about 20 pounds under weight at the time.

The nice doctor lady said I almost didn’t make it. Apparently I had a huge infection in my neck and was very dehydrated. I also have heart worms…. I love company, just not that kind of company. They cleaned me up and found out I was actually white, not grey.Titan

They started treating me right away and one of the nice hospital people took me home so she could keep a close eye on me. I didn’t do much for the first day but then I started eating and drinking a lot. It seems like I have gotten better every day since then. Really, I have the perfect life… well, except one thing. I don’t have a home. I have a house that I stay at, but these are foster parents and they are needed to rescue dogs that are sick like I was. I need a forever family.

I love people. I like to eat and drink. I love people. I like to play. I love people. I like to go for 2015-11-09 00.42.12walks. Did I mention I love people? Big people, little baby people, all kinds of people! I like other dogs too.

The one thing I don’t like is cats… I mean I like cats… usually with a little gravy on top, but people don’t like when I eat the cats. So kids are a good home, and dogs are a good home, but if you have cats it is probably not the home for me.

I’m looking pretty good these days. Most of my scars have healed from those fights. My softball size infection is completely gone. My heart worms have been given an eviction notice. I bet we could take awesome pictures together. Having trouble with the ladies? Not to brag but I am a chic magnet. Get lonely at night? I love to cuddle and protect. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship!


Contact PROUD Detroit at http://www.proudinthed.org/

or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PROUDintheD/

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