36 Things That I’m Pretty Sure I’m Sure Are True About Life

These are up for debate, after all, I’m only pretty sure I’m sure these are true. Hopefully you will find some of this helpful.

  1. Do the right thing; Every action/inaction plants a seed that will sprout up.
  2. Never bring up anything to your significant other that they did/didn’t do if you can fix it yourself in 2 minutes or less.
  3. You always learn more when you lose than when you win.
  4. You always learn more when you listen than when you talk.
  5. It is always better to shut up and do your job than to complain about something you are being paid to do.
  6. Crying is emotional vomit. You don’t want to do it, but you always feel better afterwards. It should be encouraged more, not frowned upon.
  7. The simplest answer is always the truth.
  8. Telling the truth sometimes sacrifices short term popularity but gains long term respect.
  9. You should always hear what doubters have to say but almost never listen to them.
  10. If you are disappointed in yourself you are probably looking at yourself too short term.
  11. Failure is usually lack of motivation, not lack of ability.
  12. If you avoid real challenges in your life you will compensate with needless drama.
  13. You can use other peoples glaring personality flaws to help identify miniature versions of that in yourself.
  14. Very caring people often are unrealizingly selfish; They don’t care for themselves, putting the ones they care for at risk of losing their only help. (Is “unrealizingly” is a word?)
  15. Work hard. Be a good steward …but you shouldn’t pay a lot of attention to money; neither when you have a little nor a lot.
  16. You can easily become accustomed to a higher standard of living at any time, but it is quite difficult to lower it. Start simply, live humbly, give generously.
  17. You should turn down most arguments that you are invited to. Winning is overrated.
  18. Actively lower others expectations of you so you don’t become enslaved; actively raise your expectations of yourself for the same reason.
  19. If you ever think “Somebody should do something” then you just became “Somebody”.
  20. In the end, the gossiper always looks worse than the one they spread rumors about.
  21. If facing your fear(s) isn’t on your bucket list, you should add it now. Then do it.
  22. Life favors the passionate over the intelligent.
  23. There are hardly any monsters larger or more ferocious than loneliness. Sadly, most people are there by choice; either a bad choice in someone else or choosing to not improve themselves.
  24. During tragedy, avoiding the elephant in the room only makes things worse. Be courageous.
  25. Take a lot of pictures.
  26. You should never feel ‘above’ washing a toilet.
  27. When you meet someone very confident, they are bluffing.
  28. Most people get their value from the wrong place. Common mistakes are popularity, income, recognition, talent, appearance, etc. We should get it from something more stable and lasting.
  29. Your gut instinct is usually right, your knee-jerk reaction is usually wrong. You can apply patience and learn to recognize the difference.
  30. Joy is something that must be held with two hands, that is, you must let go of other things to hold onto it.
  31. The easiest way to get somebody behind your idea is to make them think it is there own.
  32. You should figure out what you want to do before you figure out if it’s possible.
  33. You can’t trust anybody, it is always a risk. Now that that’s established, go take risks; some are worth it.
  34. Everybody in your life deserves to have an occasional bad day patiently and completely pardoned.
  35. Treat everybody based on who you are, not who they are.
  36. Don’t take earthly things so seriously; it’s not like we’re getting out alive.